See the Fishes Chase Ur Mouse

But you can also see it feel it in your home when you set up an aquarium.This is one hobby which does not require you to spend time or money any more than you should.In return the enjoyment that you obtain from your efforts is far more than any other home based activity,further in my opinion you save the fishes from the harsh realities of live they would face in the open in this detoriating world,i.e.till 2020 80% fish species would be wiped out from the world as world ocean and amazon basin temp. would rise by 5 degrees(for us it would be as if 50 degree centigrade).

From childhood to adolosence,still to adulthood our lives get busier and homes smaller,an aquarium in this condition is the best antidote to a sterssful lifestyle.It can prove to be very relaxing and therapeutic.Living in an apartment it is difficult to keep a dog for a pet.Also it is inhuman to keep a dog in a small area.But in fact i spend my time hours gazing at the peaceful and the ever in motion fishes.On the other hand an aquarium requires a small place in your home,is noiseless,beautiful,and the main thing you dont have to take the fishes
 to a walk!!
besides it is guaranteed to create a focal point of interest in you home.


Importance have been given to fishes in religeous fables and mythological stories.In INDIA the Matsya Avtaar(fish avatar of lord VISHNU) has been revered as a god. Esteem has been granted to fish as the vehicle of goddess GANGA(the longest and holy river in INDIA).
Fish has been synonymous with love as a mermaid.As king Neptune,fish has been associated with wealth too.
Vaastu and Feng Shui both recommend keeping fish at home or work place for better health and wealth.
According to Feng Shui,keeping eight gold and one black moor,in an aquarium placed in the north or the north east of the home is said to be beneficial for health and wealth of the family and for the success of their children. And at workplace,the aquarium should be kept at the southeast for success.
Feng Shui aquariums are handmade by artists according to the chinese thousand year old time tested feng shui theory.It takes 7 artists 10 days to finish only one aquarium.And in my opinion no one aquarium is like another and a true lover has urge to collect each design and each species of fish.

The Golden Arowana(Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum) is greatly priced in asia as a symbol of wealth and longevity.And it is proved by hundreds of survey that this fish really brings luck to its keeper and so is priced between $5000 to $6000.But this fish is however not for those who find eating live fishes disasterous as it only feeds on live fishes.
In japan,this fish is popular as it is said to become hyperactive just before an earthquake thereby warning the housemates and giving them a chance to seek safety.(green and red are cheaper)

It is also said and can be self experienced that if any ill or evil is to befall the family,the fish is said to absorb the bad essence and pass away giving relief to the family.

You would not believe aquariums to have mystic powers until you realllllly see a tank in motion and are deeply magnetized yourself by its condensed beauty of nature. You not only enjoy watching your fish but also under water scenary with mountain cliffs,waterfalls plants and flowers.
Whatever be the reason for keeping fish in an aquarium but one thing is certain,it is definitely very pleasing to see fish swiming serenely in the underwater enviornment.
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