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There are literally hundreds of factors that can affect your cutie little fish's health.Only the most common afflictions are listed here.There are several precautions to reduce the possiblity of disease and keep it from spreading if it does occur.

----------------------------------------------------First of all buy good quality ,compatible fish/fishes.And in my opinion everyone should have a hospital tank so as to qurantine the new fish initially or in case of emergency,if not you can even use a bucket. That is quarantine the new fish before adding to the main tank.

Secondly,avoid stressing the fish with rough handling,sudden changes in conditions,or bully tankmates.

Thirdly, avoid rotten or wet food.And please never overfeed as the fishes die of constipation.(feeding after 12 hrs(2 times a day) is a good diet.
This Pearl Black Moor is really overfed and wont survive(90%).

Always remove a sick fish to a hospital tank for treatment,and always disinfect nets used to move sick fish. Never ever transfer water from quarantine tank to the main tank.

Dont let any metal come in contact with the aquariums water,and one more secret to best aquarium keeping is switch off all airation systems including filters when feeding floating pellets(most common food fo gold fishes and tropical fishes).

The most common maladies seen in home aquaria are usually either bacterial or parasitic in origin. Luckily,
most are easily diagnosed and can be treatedwith success. You can become a fish doctor as all medicines are available at your nearest pet store. The only thing needed for a proprietary treatment is proper diagnosis.
And one more tip for all the fellows reading this article:
*always remove all carbon based filteration system before adding copper based medicines or methylene blue as they cause clotting in the gills of fishes*

do read my post on bacterial and viral infections in fishes coming soon,and do comment,
until next time....
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