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well all u fishy people (thank u for being fishy) at my blog,and i appreciate all my visitors and thank my followers.

Well in the fish world the most beautiful fishes sustaining their beauty and maintaining the pride of their name are "Angel" fishes.Specially you may observe that most of the salt water angels have royal names
for example:king,queen,regal or royal,emperor and others,
I have listed some with their common and scientific names please comment if you like.
To  see hd pic click on it.
For HD pictures of some of my exclusive collection of angels please submit ur blog and notify me ur email.
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Blueface angelfish

Blue-girdled Angelfish

Centropyge_argi(cherub pygmy)


Centropyge_bispinosa(coral beauty)

Centropyge_flavissima(lemon peel)

Centropyge_loricula(flame angel)



French angelfish

Genicanthus_caudovittatus(zebra lyretail)


Paracentropyge_venusta(purple masked)





Queen angelfish




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